I love to doodle, especially during breaks in playing. Inspired by the likes of “Planet Algol,” I too have decided to scan and post some of the more ‘casually produced’ artworks drawn on the backs or margins of character sheets. Above you can see my version of a ‘leechman’ who was some monster from ‘The X Files’ I think. Creepy. My doodles are not normally this finished.

Above you see the player characters standing for a group portrait for one of our campaigns (my PC was the sorcerer, Corian). The drawing was made by request of one of the players.

This is a little doodle done from the same campaign as the group portrait, above. One of the players (Jon) had the worst case of gas we ever smelled… so I drew his PC farting into the face of the halfling thief. It looks like I also drew one of those green tree air freshners hanging in the air behind the halfling’s head. This was drawn in the top margin of my notes from the session, which took place on 4-11-2008.

Some sort of dog with six legs, a human head and a single horn. I have no idea why. Believe it or not, I don’t even take drugs — these things just come into my mind with no chemical stimulation.

Here is a picture that should probably be forgotten and will be brought up as ‘exhibit C’ at my trial after I finally snap and go on a rampage. That is a self portrait of me jamming a pencil into the eye of someone I knew and I hate because he went out of his way to make my life harder on several occassions. Chris, if you are out there — one day, when you least expect it, I am going to poke both of your eyes out with a number 2 pencil. Just kidding!Here is a cyclops of some sort wearing armor. That mace means business!

One of my characters from years ago — Krondor! Although he is only level 2, Krondor seems to have rated BOTH a close up porttait and a full body portrait. Krondor has an impressive 18/56 strength and appears to be proficient in the bardice, flail, crossbow and longsword. With an intelligence of 7, Krondor appears to be destined for the fighting trade. He runs around in banded mail and, according to his very messy PC sheet, has ownership of a helmet made from an ogre’s skull, a p[air of mithril gauntlets with spikes and a +2 battleaxe (along with all of the usual impedimenta of the dungeoneer). Unfortunately, Krondor is not proficient in the battleaxe, so he would probably be better off sticking with his bardiche. I’d love to take Krondor out of retirement and let him cleave some skulls so he can earn enough XP to get to level 3 (at which time he gets to add another weapon proficiency — I’m betting Krondor goes with battleaxe!).

This is Schlomo aka the yellow priest. He is one of my current characters in a campaign being run by my friend Jon C. where we all have evil characters. You can tell he is evil by the way he is grimacing.

This is ‘Lord Zelf Nark of Fizoul.’ I don’t remember this PC very well at all but he appears to be a 9th level fighter with all sorts of magical gadgets — +1 armor, a +3 frost-brand sword, a +1 mace which he has named “smasher” and gauntlets of swimming and climbing as well as some various potions and scrolls. One of his companions was a half-orc named “Pig Face Louie.” I scanned Louie’s portrait but think I forgot to save it, so I’ll hopefully remember to rescan it sometime.

This dwarf is named Ertl Stinkfingers. He has big teeth and wears a headband (is he in some 80s arena rock outfit?). I don’t think Ertl ever got played, so he lays in my “character file” as a potential future character.

This is Dudley the Ranger. As you can see, there seems to be an arrow through his hat. Dudley is as powerful as Lord Zelf Nark of Fizoul, but not as evil.

This is another character named ‘Buckey’ who apparently has platemail and a 2 handed sword. Check out the action pose! Somehow, the name “Buckey” makes him sound like he belongs on the Little Rascals.

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