Finally my new magnum opus, ‘Exquisite Corpses,’ is availible to you via Lulu print-on-demand:


I’ve printed a couple of ‘proofs’ and can assure you that the cover looks much better than the pdf preview availible on the Lulu product page… but with the 12 papge preview, you can read the intoduction and see a couple of the interior illustrations.

It sells for $10.00 for a print copy, or $3.66 for a downloaded pdf.

The book has a total of 91 pages in black and white and is spiral bound. The book is intended to serve as a bestiary / monster book for role playing gamers and weirdos of every stripe. Twenty six monsters (including humans, a robot, a minotaur, a cyclops, etc.) are presented. By cutting the pages into thirds (dotted lines and full instructions provided), each of the 26 ‘basic’ monsters is made into 3 tabs (head, torso and feet/tail/psuedopod). The user can then flip the tabs to swap heads, torsos, etc., and come up with all sorts of crazt combinations. By my calculation, there are over 17,000 possible combinations availible!
To see how it works, check out the picture below. On the left we see mister Lizard man: nothing terribly special — looks like he just stepped out of an episode of Star Trek. On the right we see Lizard man’s head swapped onto a fungus body with a giant anaconda’s tail. Imagine the possibilities!

If that were not enough, there is an appendix with over a dozen different powers and mutations/variations to add to your creations as well as 3 sample creatures to get you started.


  1. Awesome!!!

    I'm buying this as soon as I figure out wether I want a print copy, or if want to print and assemble it myself.

  2. austrodavicus says:

    Just downloaded the pdf and looking forward to printing/reading it. Looks great. This might sound cheeky, but is there any chance Stefan you'll release a pdf of the cover to go with the free pdf? It would be a shame to print it without your wonderful cover. Or is it a case of “bugger off mate, you've got a free copy, what more do you want?” 🙂

  3. Telecanter says:

    Fabulous. I love the use of the flip-book. A question though, I'm guessing the lulu book is perfect bound, not spiral bound?

  4. Telecanter says:

    No, I meant, if I order the default I'll get the coiled binding? Sounds like yes. Thanks.

  5. Duck Sauce says:

    I guess the free download is gone? The preview is kind of weak, two intentionally blank pages and no samples of the actually book content…seems like an interesting concept, though, I'd like to see more.

  6. anarchist says:


    i) Having Armour Class derived from 3 numbers would tend to give lots of middling results…it's not a big difference though.

    ii) I meant that you could have parts of a name (not a complete name) on each body part, so that the combined monster had a name.

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