Royal Pain

I don’t enjoy attending the weddings of people I know so why does anyone think I would be interested in the wedding of two people I don’t know?

That said, I wish I could get a Pez dispenser with my own head on it.

If I were English, I suppose I would enjoy the paid day off.

6 Comments on “Royal Pain”

  1. Right with you there 😉 And I am British!!! If Wills and/or Kate had come to my wedding I might have been interested in theirs, but they were both no shows – so I'm blanking them.

  2. kelvingreen says:

    The day off has been very nice, so I thank them for that, at least.

  3. ChicagoWiz says:

    You are going to love this: – you CAN put your head on a pez dispenser.

  4. Andrew says:

    I don't have a job, but my personal Royal Wedding celebration was staying inside with the curtains drawn and watching The Black Cat (Fulci), Phenomena (Argento) and Basket Case (…don't know)

  5. Dungeonmum says:

    I am grateful to that pair of strangers for the day off, well, it's just like any other day really, but the thought counts!

    Nice AT badge BTW 😉

  6. Geoffrey says:

    After 40 years of having to suffer under U. S. politicians, I feel nostalgic for the English monarchy. Do you think if we apologize for 1776 Queen Elizabeth II will take us back?

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