Why do they do this?

In almost every single movie where someone on foot is being chased by a car, the person being chased always seems to run along the road rather than off of the road. Why is that?

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  1. Aos says:

    Obviously, Stefan, it is a symbolic expression of the duality of man. The flight represents the desire to live, but the path taken represents the hunger for death and the peace that comes with it that each of us hunger for. Life is a highway, and the runner seeks an exit, as it were.

    Or it could just be a Hollywood BS.

  2. Limpey says:

    Aos: I was going to go with 'the dehumanizing effect of modernity' or 'man losing the battle against his own machines,' but yours works much better! Thanks! I'll credit you in my dissertation!

    I was actually inspired to write this because I have had the flu and stayed home to watch monster movies and drink fluids. I watched a movie called “Shadow” in which the protagonist and his girlfriend are on mountain bikes being chased by a car… and they stick to the road… and later the protagonist is running down a road through a forest while someone tries to run him over with a truck and all I can think is, “Why doesn't he stand behind a tree!?!”

  3. JDJarvis says:

    So they don't wreck the car going off-road and can keep the cameras on smooth ground.

  4. Coopdevil says:

    Never mind that, why do they switch the headlamps off before coming to a stop at night?

    (To answer your question, I suspect it's done to hark back to running-through-treacle nightmares)

  5. Tim Shorts says:

    I'm watching a show right now and I wonder why they always have a bagget sticking out of every grocery bag.

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