For Sale: Wacom Cintiq 13HD w/ Touch

I’ve had this Wacom tablet monitor for 3 years and just bought a 27″ Cintiq. Most of my work is traditional media (pen and ink) but I find the Cintiq invaluable for corrections/client request changes, etc. I’m selling the Cintiq for $500.00 or best offer. Since new tablets of this type currently cost ~1300.00, I think that’s pretty fair.  Note that this is the 13HD TOUCH — not the 13HD (which costs about $800.00 new — I’ll explain the difference below).


Includes everything that it originally came with, including box, stand, pen, stand, cables, CD, etc. Some of the nibs are worn down but I bought a package of 10 replacement nibs… I’ll include those. I covered the screen with one of the aftermarket ‘screen protectors’ and the screen protector is a little worn but it works perfectly. Will also include the Mac mini display to VGA adapter (not originally included by Wacom… you have to buy that separately).

The difference between the 13HD and the 13HD Touch: The 13HD touch allows you to use your fingers on the screen to move the art around, rotate what your are drawing, pinch or reverse pinch to magnify/zoom out, etc. You can program the tablet to do different things with the buttons on the sides and when you swipe your fingers across the surface. Some people love the touch feature — I sometimes use it and sometimes turned it off but I think if I was more of a digital artist it would save me a lot of time.

Contact me at if interested. You can send a check or pay via paypal and I’ll let you return it within 30 days if you are not satisfied.


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