Dungeon Con Online 2021

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Illustrations for sale – email me at sbpoag@gmail.com and we can figure out shipping cost, All artwork is shipped flat between sheets of stiff cardboard.

12.00 each – Print 11×17 “Dungeon Panorama” – print of a painting I did in 2019 printed on card stock 11×17. Click on image to see larger version.

#219007 (above) price 100.00 illustration from p19 of “Emirkol was framed” magic metal cobra attacks a PC as evil woman watches from 2019 11×11            

#21040433 (above) price 100.00 Goblin snake handler, chieftainess and warrior from Lost City OAR by Goodman 2019 9×12 

#21040436(above) price 200.00 image from Dog eat dog story, samurai encountering dog demon, Tales from the Magicians Skull, Goodman, 2019, 11×14, ink china white and white chalk on toned paper


#21012925(above) price 150.00 illo of venomous master Expeditrion to the Barrier Peaks Goodman 2019 11×14 ink

#21012935(above) price 100.00 elf attack MCC Home for the Holideath Goodman 2018 9×12

#219024(above) price 150.00 patron Adeona appearing to a rover Fallen Sun from Thick Skull / Stephen Newton 2017 11×14  ink

#21012946(above) price 200.00 Sinister sutures of Semptress, Goodman Games 2019 11×14 ink                         

SOLD! #219008(above) price 200.00 Emirkol was framed frontispiece, Goodman, 2018, 11×14 toned paper

#21012907(above) price 150.00, Stone Giant stockade illustration, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks, Goodman, 2019, 11×14

#21012908(above) price 150.00 Sea god overturning sailboat, 11×14, ink, unsure of year 2017? 

 #21012909(above) price 200.00, KOS heroic inspiration – battle of Anghieri from Lankhmar Guide, Goodman, 2018, 11×14, toned paper