Update & Hell Orifice (probably NSFW)

I’ve just finished a bunch of drawings for a couple of different projects and need to take a breather today. A relative who still has high hopes for my future keeps sending me stuff to read about professional development, so that’s on the docket for today along with some more drawing and some housecleaning.  So far today I have done shopping, my drawing-a-day and walked on the closed-for-the-winter golf course with the dogs.  Life is exciting at Chez Limpey.

At right we see a witch about to give Satan ‘the kiss of shame.’ There is nothing I enjoy more than a good-old-fashioned perverted woodcut — speaking of which, have you ever heard of the artist, Tom Huck?  You can thank me later.  Warning: Link is probably NSFW by most standards, but that is kind of the point so there you go. If I had $1000.00 burning a hole in my pocket, I might do Huck’s bootcamp some time, but, alas, I do not.  Anyone want to sponsor me?  I’ll send you a woodcut!

A few nights ago I watched about the first five minutes of Zombie Apocalypse. I used to think that making a basically entertaining zombie movie could not be terribly hard… but there are so many really, really, really shitty ones out there (and I am not including ones made by teenagers or fans for a lark), so I think the real problem is that there must be a market for shitty zombie movies.  Ah well.  Be warned: there is more than one movie out ther under this name — I saw the Syfy one with Ving Rhames.

OK, apropos of nothing important, isn’t this a shitty headline for a news story?: “Hundreds honor student killed in Ohio shooting.” I saw the headline in my news feed and had to read it two times to convince myself that it wasn’t trying to claim that hundreds of honor students were killed in a shooting in Ohio.  Why can’t people write good headlines?

Finally, I’m still doing the drawing-a-day thing.  Thius is one of my recent ones, which has a funny story behind it.  My S.O., Annie, was at a conference with an NPR radio personality and she was going to give him a ride somewhere when she realized that her car was really horribly messy and said something like, “I’m sorry, but my car is so disgusting you will probably want to ride with someone else.”  “This I must see,” he replied, so she showed him her car (which was filled with garbage, doghair and spilled leftover Indian food) and he said, “It looks like the anus of hell.”  Since then, her ride has occasionally been referred to as, “The Anus of Hell” or “The Anus.”  Which dovetails nicely into my fascination with the portrayal of hell in medieval manuscripts where devils and demons are usually escorting the damned into some giant devil’s mouth where they will suffer for all eternity.  Good stuff.  If MY version of hell, the bad people get stuffed in the devil’s mouth and the really, really, really bad get jammed up his anus.  Think on that as you eat your Sunday dinner, you sinners.

Anus of Hell!