Autobiographical Comics

I’m currently working on roughing out a comic sort of like “The Cube” which I did back in September. (link) I don’t really know how to “write” comics… getting the text nice and legible is sort of a challenge for me and I worry that I get too hung up in tangents or lost in details. Plus, it is autobiographical, which is hard since I worry that I am always trying to make myself look good rather than be honest about the story I am trying to tell. Working title is ‘Pariah’ and it tells the story of how I feel like I became a pariah at one point.

Don’t have any samples to show (too early), so go look at ‘Cube’ if you want a preview I guess.



Just updated the shop with more work from Goodman Games, Owlknight publishing, Barrowmaze and others. Other stuff that has been sitting on the virtual shelf for a while has been reduced. Link:

One of my favorites is this character sheet border I did for Barrowmaze (one side):


And the other side:


Cannibal Island


The above is a splash page illustration from a recent commission showing our doughty adventurers rowing up to an island no doubt inhabited by cannibals and worse.

For one of the illustrations for the same book, I tried doing the illustration in both pen-and-ink and digital means:

Pen and ink:




Both used the same original pencil drawing. Although the digital work flow allows easier changes and revisions, I like the line quality of pen and ink better.

The Eastern Forest


Here is a map I drew for Owl Knight Publishing’s “Sky of Flame” book coming out later this year. You can find out more on Thorin Thompson’s Kickstarter pages.

Alchemist at work