Giant WIP

p160 72dpi

Capture the Flag

battle scene 72dpi


acolytes 72dpi

Sometimes you get these long and skinny spaces to work with and you have to do the best you can with them. Here we have religious fanatics lamenting something or another.

Battle: WIP

p52 lankhmar Kos v1 pencil

WIP for a new project — this is my version of “The Battle of Alghieri” by Leonardo DaVinci. I suppose copping DaVinci seems presumptuous… but I was really into DaVinci’s drawing of this scene when I was growing up and then I discovered there are dozens of different versions by many different artists of this same painting. Haven’t quite figured out some of the things… and I took some liberties. Horses are really hard to draw.

Evil Priest

p18 cadixtat cleric 72dpi

Another recent work for Goodman Games.

Insert joke about Kathy Griffin here.

Lounge Lizard

lounge lizard man

Water Priest

p44 sigil Pelagia 72dpi

Recent work for Goodman Games.