30816 sutherland tribute 72dpi

I just got back into town late last night and put more artwork into the online store. First come, first served… prices do not include shipping and insurance. Write to me at sbpoag(at)gmail(dot)com and send me your shipping address and I’ll send you a total cost with shipping/insurance, then you can paypal/send check/etc.



I need to go out of town (again!), but when I get back, I am going to restock my online store with all kinds of original artwork. The pickings are kind of slim there right now, but I have about 40 original artworks, mostly B&W interior stuff from DCC, Metamorphosis Alpha and other published lines for collectors or anyone who wants a piece of original art. Wherever possible I try to tell you where and when it was published.

Normally I place an item in the store, and, if it does not find a buyer in a few weeks, I may mark it down… so if you are patient and a bit of a gambler you may skim some bargains.

I have a huge pile of artwork that I plan to eventually put into the store — not only to help out the cash flow, but also to clear more space… my file boxes are filling up!

The above D.A.T. inspired lizard man (from Metamorphosis Alpha I think) will go on sale in about a week after I get back from Philly.

Operation Bagration 2

Operation Bagration 2 72 dpi

I forgot how much I like drawing like this. This is ‘Operation Bagration 2’ (goes with the first drawing from the other day). Ink, ink wash and china white on a tightly toned paper. Basically, I flip through books of source material, find bits and pieces that interest me and jam them together into a larger composition, ignoring scale and simplifying where it seems appropriate.

I don’t have a specific goal for these drawings — just trying to enjoy myself while drawing things I find interesting. I’ve visited this subject before — many years ago, I was making photo lithographs of ‘portaits’ from soldiers in documentary/propaganda photos from the 30s and 40s.

Operation Bagration (2)

operation bagration 72dpi

The other night I had finished one project and needed a break from the usual stuff I had been working on for some clients. I had been looking at a big book of documentary photos from WW 2 … and I was recalling some work I did back in school. I selected bits and parts from different photos, invented some from thoughts or glances. This is ‘Operation Bagration.’

Operation Bagration


Something kind of different.

Illustration from Dante

dante Inf._34_Priamo_della_Quercia_

I could look at pictures like this all day. Look at those rocks!

At first I thought it was all supposed to be one scene and I was amused by how calm the two guys on the far left seemed given all the mayhem going on in the rest of the panel… but now I think its supposed to be read left-to-right like a comic strip – the two guys I assume are Virgil and Dante get snatched up by devil and dragged down to hell and are eventually shown crawling out of a cave on the far right.

Recent Work

I was recently asked to do a book cover. The client had some ideas and wanted me to reference this wonderful painting originally done for the Ballantine Books edition of Lord of the Rings:

ballantine Books

So I started with rough sketches and we finally agreed on something like this:

pencil v1

The blue line indicates the edges of the cover. The client asked me to free up space in the sky for the book title and get rid of the lizard head in the lower LH corner so they could put their logo down there as well as some other small things… so I got to work.

Here is a shot of the painting in progress:

old version thurs

This isn’t a very good photo but you can see that it is a color version of the drawing above. While it fulfills the original assignment, it just looks a little weak to me. The snake people look OK, but the humans look like a bunch of dorky mannikins… and they are too small. I hated to give up on it, having already invested time in this version, but it just wasn’t working… so, after agonizing over HOW to fix it, I started making clay models of the figures and arranging and rearranging them to try to get what I wanted. I previously tried one of those wooden ‘artist model’ figures but just couldn’t get it to hold a good pose so I went with plasticine clay over wire armatures. I think I got the idea while watching a documentary about the animator Bruce Bickford.

Here is one of the photos I took of the models:


This seems better to me.  The reptile men are practically on top of the humans… the fighter guy with the sword better get chopping or they are going to get eaten!

Using this, I began to work on a new version. It now looks like this (I added a fake title and logo in the corner to get a better idea of what it might look like in use):

book cover cmason 8 2016 72dpi


Forbidden Caverns (sequel to Barrowmaze)

acolyte of orcus 72dpi

Greg Gillespie, author/publisher of Barrowmaze, has announced the kickstarter for his new project.   The name of the project is ‘The Forbidden Caverns of the Archaia’ and I have been asked to contribute some art.

The image at left is of some evil cultists I drew for Barrowmaze.

T shirt designs – Goodman Games


Look what came in the mail yesterday! 4 t-shirts with art by me for Goodman Games. Although I won’t be there, I expect a lot of these will be walking around Indianapolis during Gencon this week. Clockwise we have a ‘Journey to the center of Aereth’ shirt, then one for Metamorphosis Alpha (with space ghost), then MCC RPG… and finally Father Dagon himself.