More Shaverology


Work continues on the Richard Shaver comic. This is a pencil for a 2 page spread from chapter 4. It is an explanation of how Shaver made his rokfogo paintings…at least as I understand the process. This is the most text heavy/information dense part of the book (so far).

Seven Deadly Sins (2)

chap 3 p6 p7

Here is my 2 page spread for chapter 3 of the Shaver comic. It changed a lot since I started it… I enjoyed working in the ‘seven deadly sins’ aspect as well as other little details.

seven deadly sins


Another 2 pager in process for the Shaver Mystery comic. Somehow the seven deadly sins worked their way into this one – go figure.

i’ve been experimenting with different methods of doing the text/drawing thing… Currently I start by having a general outline of what I want in my head, then putting in the text, then drawing in around it which is, I understand, probably the exact opposite of the way I should be doing it, but it is working well for me so far.


Shaver Mystery!

chap 1 page 4 to 5 72dpi

Here is a 2 page spread from my ‘The Evil Underground’ comic book about the Shaver Mystery which has been a work in process since forever. This picture has it all – slaves, dero, mysterious technology, spaceships, caves, etc. Unfortunately for me, I have raised the bar a bit on this recent addition as far as illustration goes, so I will probably need to go back and redo some of the previous pages. Find out more about Shaver – the artist, author, conspiracy theorist, etc., at Richard Toronto’s Shavertron.

This two page spread (and another single page) will round out chapter 1. Chapter 2 (the basic ideas of the mystery) is more or less done (although I will redo some of it and may add some pages). Chapter three, on Palmer and the Mantong alphabet, is being penciled right now.

To see the previous versions of chapters 1 and 2, visit this page on Shavertron: The Evil Underground (work in progress)

Star Cruiser

ythonian liche captain ship 72

Shaver Mystery


Finally back home in Michigan and managed to get a couple of hours in with good old fashioned ink and brush/pen… oh how I have missed them.

Putting down roots

imageCurrently in Florida visiting family. Sitting on the beach, I felt myself sinking into the sand… A not altogether unpleasant feeling. Lost all my good pens, damnit, and the fountain pen is out of ink.