Science Fiction

MCC Title Pages 72dpi

This is a post-apocalypse sci-fi illustration with mutants, ruins, laser swords, a disintigrator pistol. a curly tree, mushrooms and all the other good things in life. The white spaces are places for text to go. It goes across 2 pages, so imagine a seam through the middle. For Goodman Game’s “Mutant Crawl Classics.”


p81 Vaedium 72dpi

Just completed for Goodman Games



The Excellent Traveling Volume #7 is going to come out soon… I did the cover. More details on James Malisewzski’s g+ feed! The wrinkly looking dudes in the above illustration are “shunned ones” from M.A.R. Barker’s world of Tekumel.

I got back into town recently from the west coast, am still battling sinusitis (the fact that I have antibiotics means I am now winning) and am busy on some artwork and moving to a new day job, hence no recent updates.