2020 work roundup

Here are a bunch of images I did in the last year, presented in no particular order. Most images are drawn using pen and ink, graphite, ink washes, etc.

Battle Scene

Recently completed work for a European publisher. Ink, ink washes and graphite on paper. Although it will be printed in greyscale, I worked on it with colored inks – working with watered down colored inks help me to balance the tones and I enjoy the way the original drawing looks (although those who see it in print won’t know about the color). In the final version, the publisher will add blocks of text over the image and I arranged the figures to allow for that.

In addition to being covered to gray scale, the above image has had a contrast adjustment and I used the clone tool to touch out the seams between the 4 sheets of paper that I drew it on. I also touched up the black area in the upper left corner. The original image is about 22×48 inches. Below is an image of the raw scan.

The Greater Temple

Recently completed ink illustration for a Goodman Games’ publication. This will be reproduced in gray scale, so the blue and magenta will eventually be rendered as shades of gray.