Pointy Landscape

paths in mountains v2

I think this one is done for now.

pointy landscape (W.I.P.)

paths in mountains v1

work in progress

Dagon (progress)

dagon approaches v2

Here is my Dagon drawing that I posted in process just the other day— I think this is done (or close to it). One of the blessings/curses of digital work is that one never really knows when you are done. Working in conventional media, I usually declare something to be ‘finished’ at the point that I start to feel that my continuing to work on it is detrimental rather than constructive… but with digital, I can just save another version (v2, v3, etc.) and keep working.

Dagon (work in progress)

dagon approaches v2 72dpi

Still working on this one.¬†On moonlit nights, Dagon rises from the depths and comes calling. Perhaps it’s time to move inland.

Fortress Trump

Foretress Trump 72dpi


abomination 72dpi

Prince Bishop (finished, I think)

Franz_von_Waldeck 72dpi final

I think this is all I can do on this for now.