Pointy Landscape

paths in mountains v2

I think this one is done for now.

pointy landscape (W.I.P.)

paths in mountains v1

work in progress

Dagon (progress)

dagon approaches v2

Here is my Dagon drawing that I posted in process just the other day— I think this is done (or close to it). One of the blessings/curses of digital work is that one never really knows when you are done. Working in conventional media, I usually declare something to be ‘finished’ at the point that I start to feel that my continuing to work on it is detrimental rather than constructive… but with digital, I can just save another version (v2, v3, etc.) and keep working.

Dagon (work in progress)

dagon approaches v2 72dpi

Still working on this one.¬†On moonlit nights, Dagon rises from the depths and comes calling. Perhaps it’s time to move inland.

Fortress Trump

Foretress Trump 72dpi


abomination 72dpi

Prince Bishop (finished, I think)

Franz_von_Waldeck 72dpi final

I think this is all I can do on this for now.

Prince Bishop (further W.I.P.)

Franz_von_Waldeck 72 dpi v3

Here is where we are right now. Added Durer-ish clouds and palisades and giant cannons. Changed the sword and added a bishop’s ring… because prince-bishops all need a ring. Plus there are severed heads on stakes. Because it is the Muenster rebellion.

Prince-Bishop Von Waldeck v2 (WIP)

Franz_von_Waldeck v2 72dpi

A further work-in-progress on my portrait of the Prince-Bishop who put down the Muenster Rebellion. As you can see, there have been changes. The sharpened stakes went away but may come back, perhaps with severed heads on them. Franz is now waist-deep in dead heretics, which I think is how he likes it. I’m not sold on the big black area at the top on the picture; I may change that. Originally I was going to add clouds and lightning to it… now I may do something else… but what? I’m also unhappy with the hilt of the sword — which is pretty ahistorical and looks more like something that belongs in a Conan the Barbarian movie. Isn’t it strange that I can draw all this weird bullshit but in this picture the shape of the sword hilt sticks in my craw? I think it’s because this drawing is heavily based on an actual portrait of Von Waldeck… and since it actually looks kind of like him, I want it to be right. In the original, his mitre (the hat) looks just like that… which kind of cracks me up. It looks like a ‘party hat’ mitre that is too small for his head and is probably held on with an elastic band.

Prince-Bishop Franz Von Waldeck of Muenster

Franz_von_Waldeck 72dpi

Still work in progress but I like where it is headed.

A while back I began reading up on the Muenster Rebellion and one of the principles in that story is Franz Von Waldeck of Muenster whom some credit with originally coining the phrase, “Kill them all; God will sort them out.”