art update

It has been a while since I bothered to update this page so here are a few works from the recent past to entertain you:

This is a color image for Goodman Game’s “Crypt of the Devil Lich” adventure. Vampires and conquistadores.

This was drawn for the Goodman “Sailors on the Starless Sea” reprint but was ultimately rejected by the powers that be because it didn’t show enough of the castle. I still thought it was a successful drawing.

I do a lot of borders and margin illustrations – I don’t remember what project I created this border for but I think it was cool looking.

At some point Goodman needed some stickers with demons on them – I don’t remember for what – so I sent in my take on Dave Sutherland’s succubus from the AD&D Monster Manual. The woman is Sheila Mullen from Playboy, May 1977.

Another recent drawing – this is a group of player characters encountering a frog-man and his pet catoblepas in a swamp. I’m predicting that only the guy in the lower right hand corner is likely to survive the encounter.