More shameless self promotion

Jason, at The Drunk Umber Hulk blog, just did an email interview with me and published the results.  Have a look, because I am certain the answers I provided will be fascinating.

Interview at The Drunk Umber Hulk

I get drunk with an Umber Hulk

Jason, at The Drunk Umber Hulk blog, just did an email interview with me and published the results. Have a look, because I am certain the answers I provided will be fascinating. Secrets are revealed! Don’t miss it.

Interview at The Drunk Umber Hulk

Ouch + Goodman Games DCC RPG News

I was reading this short article about  medieval monks putting weird and funny stuff in the margins of the works they were copying and came across this picture of a blemmye shooting a skiapod right in the pooter:

Good stuff, but I feel bad for the skiapod — that has got to hurt.  I’m also interested in his foot; it looks more like a fish flipper than a human foot.  In my own drawings on the skiapod, after experimentation, I decided the big toe belonged in the middle of the foot with two smaller toe on either side of it.  Of course, I might go back to the old ‘right foot’ version, with a minority of skiapods being ‘left-footed’ just like a minority of humans are southpaws.

DCC RPG NEWS:  Also, as a contributor I got a sneak peek at the final (or near final) version of the DCC RPG layout from Goodman Games.  I know that since I am involved as an artist, saying that it ‘looks great’ seems pretty self serving, but it does look great — with some of Jim Roslof’s last drawings in there, some Erol Otus, Easley, Edwards, McAusland, Kovacs, Mullens and others and me all contributing.  There is a lot of art in there, much of it running up and down the margins and fitting around the charts or having information for the game in the drawing itself.  I don’t want to show anything that hasn’t already been revealed out of respect for Goodman, so here is one of the pics you may have seen before that I did.  It’s of some kind of magic spell that turns a sling stone into a spider.  I was thinking about the Illustrated Bible I had as a kid when I drew it, so it has sort of a King Tut/David & Goliath vibe to it:

Aldeboran Houserules

Every once in a while I collect together some of my ‘house rules’ for Aldeboran and toss them into a word document. Some of them are tested; many of them are only semi-tested but they are all 100% good ideas that will improve your life immeasurably — for example, the perks and flaws table and the ‘Random Possessions of Small Worth” tables that were once published in either Fight On! or Knockspell (I can’t remember but I think it was Fight On!)… or my as of yet unpublished (and probably unpublishable) Zodiac rules… (still a work in progress) and custom monsters and all sorts of other shit.
When the document is ‘big’ enough, I’ll release it to the public and make a bajillion dollars so I can move to my farm out in the middle of nowhere and stock up on bullets, barbed wire, blackmarket claymore mines and canned goods.

Here are some examples:

Initiative (standard rules): At the start of each round, one dice is rolled for the players and one dice is rolled for the referee’s creatures. Ties are re-rolled. Whichever side gets the higher score goes first. The players can resolve their actions in whatever order seems appropriate (perhaps starting with the character who has the highest dexterity, then the second highest, etc.). The referee resolves the monster attacks in whatever order seems appropriate. After everyone has had a chance to perform an action, the round ends and a new round is begun.

Initiative (variant rules):At the start of each round, every player rolls a dice and the DM rolls a dice for the monsters (or rolls 1 dice for each group of monsters).Actions are resolved in order, starting with those who got 1 going first, then those who rolled 2, 3, 4, etc.
Actions are assumed to resolve themselves more-or-less simultaneously on the roll of a tie, thus if both Bruno the Fighter and a goblin roll the same on initiative, it is possible for them to stab each other to death in the same round! WHICH dice is used depends upon the relative dexterity/speed of the creature.Player characters of average dexterity (between 15 and 6) or monsters with a movement rate of 9” or 12” use a d6.Player characters with above average dexterity (15+) and monsters with higher movement rates use a d4.Player characters with lower dexterity (6 or lower) and slower monsters use a d10.

Alignments consist of only good, evil or neutral. “Good” and “Evil” are diametrically opposed. Neutral characters (aka “selfish”) seek simply to survive and prosper on their own. Alignment is fluid. You can change alignments in the course of the game due to your actions.

Each new player character gets a score ranging from -5 to +5. Evil characters start at -5, good characters start at +5 and neutrals start at 0. The DM keeps track of this and only informs the players of in game effects (i.e.: for the cleric, maybe the DM will give a 10% chance of failure when spells are cast or undead are turned for every point that a character deviates from his alignment — thus the cleric of a good god who has slid to ‘neutral’ on the scale would have a 50% chance of failure when trying to cast a spell). At the end of each game session, the DM can make an alignment judgment and adjust the score accordingly. If a character does bad things, subtract 1 or 2 or 3 (never going past -5). If a character does good things, add 1 or 2 or 3 depending on the severity/intensity of the crime/good deed. If they more or less maintained status quo, do not adjust. If the score switches from -5 or +5 to 0, they have become neutral, if it goes from 0 to -5 or +5, they have gone from neutral to evil or good, etc.

Check this shit out…

Annie sent me this link:

(edit: on the original page, the picture is animated so that it appears to move, but is only works sometimes here on wordpress, goddamn it, so you will have to click on the link to get the full effect.  There are a lot of them and and explanation as to how they were animated from static pics so take a look).

Good things are just around the corner

I’ve been pretty busy with the day job, catching up on stuff in the studio and what-not; I’m working on some pictures which ought to be coming soon to a publication near you (I will let the publishers announce first). The ‘drawing a day’ goes up-and-down; some days are better than others.

Happy Saint Pat’s day!

Another thing I really hate about Windows…

When I am using shitty, shitty windows 7 (which is still much better than shitty shitty shitty shitty fucking shitty windows Vista), sometimes a window will pop up telling me that the program I am using has stopped working. This window gives me the choice of either a) checking for a solution to the problem or b) closing the program. From past experience, a) never works so I always want to click b). When I click b), another window pops up telling me that Microsoft is now searching for a solution to the problem.

If I wanted Microsoft to search for a solution, wouldn’t I have clicked option a)?

As a former Mac user, one of the things I found irritating about the Mac OS is that the designers seemed very fond of dialog boxes that popped up asking me if I was sure if I wanted the computer to do what I had just asked it to do. At times it made me quite snappish. “Yes; I WANT to delete that now go and fucking delete it you smug, condescending, overpriced typewriter!” These days, I’d trade it all in a heartbeat if I never had to touch a Windows machine again. Urrg.