Attack of the Beak Men (WIP)

attack of the beak men WIP

bird sword

bird sword

chop chop chop.


Just finished these ‘picture frames’ for Goodman Games. From top to bottom, we have themed frames for DCC, Metamorphosis Alpha and X Crawl.

certificates 72

work in progress: sci-fi

work in progress frame sampleHave been too busy to post much these days. One of the things I am working on is a ‘picture frame’ that consists of sci-fi stuff with robots, ray guns, etc. Will post more when I get it all done.

Captain’s Chair

captains chair v3 72dpi

Carousel (Work in Progress)

v3 72dpi

Here is a painting I am working on these days. You can see it in an earlier stage here. I’m enjoying this as an an homage to Leonora Carrington in the form of subject matterĀ and palette choices.

I don’t know when I will be able to work on this more… the coming schedule is looking pretty hairy.

Sky of Crimson Flame

I posted a work in progress photo of this painting the other week. Here is the completed painting. This is for a book jacket for Owlknight publishing, an adventure called ‘Sky of Crimson Flame’ for DCC RPG. Read all about it on Thorin Thompson’s blog.

burning sky 12 30 15 72dpi


carousel 1 v1

Still in the early stages; not sure where this is going yet, but intrigued.

Happy New Year / Sutherland Tribute

Here it is, a new year!

Also, I posted yesterday that I wanted to get this image done. I got up this morning and did a few hours on it; I think it is done:

sutherland tribute 72dpi

Its very sad to me that Dave Sutherland did not get to continue his art career; I spent a lot of time enjoying his work as a kid; it’s too bad he didn’t get a chance to keep working in the industry after TSR. It is also too bad that someone at TSR, at some point, took the majority of the classic work from Sutherland and others and dumpstered it.

For those who haven’t seen it, the above image owes everything to this one by Dave Sutherland III:

sutherland original