Mutants are HERE!

p149 illustration 72dpi

Just got a chance to start reviewing ‘Mutant Crawl Classics’ by Goodman Games and am delighted with it — I am in awe of having my work in there with so many other great artists like Doug Kovacs, Peter Mullen, Russ Nicholson, Brad McDevitt (… there are others, but those are the people whose work I recognized on the first, frenzied flip through).

I just got back from a week visiting friends and family in Saint Louis, where I helped my mother trim some branches in the yard. My work with the chainsaw made me want to share this drawing from the MCC book…

Bad dog!

were dog.tif

I’ll be away about a week and likely to have limited access to email.

St. Louis friends: I am coming your way 6-16-17!

more frames

FRAME 2 72 dpi V3


frame 72 dpi

I’ve been working on stuff but can’t show anything yet… so here is an empty frame to tell you that.

Beetle Civilization

beetle civilization

At the height of their powers, the Beetle peoples frittered the hours away looking at their small handheld devices and zipping around in their powered two wheeled chariots while slaves erected monuments to beetlesian accomplishments.

Another recent illustration for Jason Sholtis’ “Operation Unfathomable” book to be published soon by Hydra Cooperative. See here and here and here for more details.