Creepy Ass Toyota Commercial

This Toyota commercial is really fucking creepy… especially when the main character (who is a giant made of dozens of little people) walks outside and sees that he has 4 Toyotas in his driveway.  He then falls apart and the little people get in the cars and drive away after loading one of his giant shoes into the trunk.

XRP Press: Shadowvein Adventures

I recently finished some cover art for new books to be published soon by Expeditious Retreat Press; the mock ups of the covers were released yesterday on the XRP blog.  I don’t know when the books themselves will be released.


I have a picture on Robert Goodin’s ‘Covered’ blog today.  If you don’t know ‘Covered,’ it is a blog where artists take a comic book cover they like and redraw it.  I did an old ‘Strange Tales’ that I always liked:

ETSY ART STORE OPEN; new discounts availible!

Some of the original artwork I have made over the years as illustrations for books by Goodman Games and others is for sale in my etsy store.  The store’s listings had expired without my noticing it, so I renewed all the listings and SLASHED THE PRICES to the freaking bone!  Everything must go!  Illustration at right is typical from one of the Goodman DCC Classics books.  More work to come in the future.

If that were not enough, well, let me sweeten the deal… enter coupon code WURDPRESSONE for an additional 10% off!

Keep your eye on the shop; will be adding more work for your collection/walls in the future… including COLOR cover art from Goodman’s DCC CLassics lines and others… if that floats yer boat.  If not, well, that’s OK too.

Dylan Williams Benefit; Albert Fish

Dylan Williams, founder of Sparkplug comics, is battling a serious case of cancer and his friends have contributed artwork for sale on ebay to help pay for his treatment.  If you have some extra money burning a hole in your pocket, go here and bid away.   I already placed my meager bids and saw the prices rise beyond my pathetic limit, so, since I can’t pay what I think some of these artworks are worth to help, I’ll just try to spread the word.

Edit (9/12/2011):   I just read here that Dylan Williams died this weekend.  R.I.P.

I don’t know Dylan personally, but have a couple Sparkplug books in my collection (they have published books by both Chris Cilla and Tom Neeley; artists I admire)… plus I was in Dylan’s shoes several years ago (cancer + bills = serious stress).  Thirteen years later I think I’m only alive because of the help and support of family and friends (as well as some creative treatment options thought up by my care provider).

If anyone wins that mask at right, I’ll trade you something for it.  It looks like a cross between an Ultraman space villain and an African mask; I just love it.

In other news, I just finished reading “Deranged” by Harold Schecter.  This is the story of Albert Fish, the serial killer/cannibal/pedophile/sadist/masochist/child murderer/every other horrible thing you can think of who was executed for the murder of a 10 year old girl in NYC in the 1930s.  Creepy.

Edit: Here is a very NSFW drawing I made about Albert Fish. Note that Albert Fish was a seriously fucked up dude; don’t click if you are offended by images of masturbating old men whipping themselves.

See you in Saint Louie, Screwie!


I’m heading down to Saint Louis on the weekend of the 17th to check in with my father; he has been having a few health problems so I decided to visit.  I’m excited to note that my visit coincides with the opening of the new BWorks building on Menard in Soulard.  BWorks is a not for profit that works with kids, teaching them life skills, helping them build self confidence and giving them mentoring opportunities — they concentrate on teaching kids to repair and refurbish bikes, learn stuff about computers and write and illustrate and publish their own books — bikes, bytes and books!  They hired me to make the mosaic in their entry; the bees are symbolic of their mission.  I am 90% sure I can be there at the ribbon cutting on the 17th; if you are in town, stop by!  Details at


Welcome to Carcosa!

A while back I admired the Longmore illustration for LotFP’s ‘Carcosa‘ and promised to post a few illustrations I drew for Carcosa.  There is nothing official about these pictures; I just did them for my own purposes… and they were not made as anything other than to satisfy my own vaguely ‘sword and planet’ illustrations urge… they could just as easily be from Aldeboran or somewhere else.

No children were harmed in order to produce these pictures.

First up: A group of  “Carcossan” adventurers.

The dude who looks like ‘Alley Oop’ has both a pistol he stole from Buck Rogers and a bow and arrows while the other guy has binocular specs.

Note the henchman in goofy helmet bringing up the rear.

Second: Snakelady

Somebody bought the nonexclusive rights to use the ‘snakelady’ for a book that, as far as I know, hasn’t been published yet.

In this situation, I’d choose the pistol over the sword, too.

3rd:  “Gug” attacks and people die.

4th: She’s gonna shoot that flying worm right out of the sky.


New Mosaic Work

I dropped off a few pieces at Firebrick Gallery today: