Petty Gods 2015

Petty Gods is finally available! A free pdf is here and you can buy a print copy at cost from LuLu here.

Petty Gods is a book of made-up religions, deities and stuff for fantasy RPGs. Need details on a a god of wine vats, the patron of haberdashers or the priesthood of left handed blue-eyed ox cart drivers? Petty Gods has you covered! I contributed a few bits of artwork inluding these naked cultists up to no good:evil snake cult 72dpi

Harry Clark

Annie recently bought a copy of ‘Dr. Faustus’ illustrated by Harry Clark. Clark isn’t an artist I know a lot about, but as an admirer of Rackham I find myself wondering why I haven’t spent more time looking at his work. As an example, here is the orangutang from Poe’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue.”


Lots of great Harry Clark illustrations, both black and white and color, here:

Bird’s Eye Battle View

handout a atomic overlord 72lRecent work for Goodman Games. Click to enlarge.