door final 72dpi

This one is from a year or two ago — it was the front of the Goodman product catalog, was on a T-shirt and found itself in other places, too. I still have the original… if interested please make offer.


acting up doktor

Tiny detail for a bigger map I am working on for a Goodman Games Michael Curtis production. There is no plague involved — the adventure is set in Fritz Leiber’s Lankhmar/Newhon and those bird masks always seemed kind of Newhonish to me.

Operation Unfathomable

googlepede 72dpi

Author/Artist Jason Sholtis and the Hydra Cooperative have just announced that their Operation Unfathomable book is available electronically online via RPG Now. I contributed a half dozen drawings to the book, including the drawing above (the Googlepede — a mysterious insect that is so long you are unlikely to see either the head or tail of it). The above adventurers employ a crudely thrown together bridge to cross the Googlepede’s path safely.

It is unknown to me when the hard copy will come out, but if the PDF is out, the answer is probably “soon.” Jason’s drawings are fantastic and whimsical — check it out. I’m honored and flattered he invited me to contribute.