Barrowmaze Shirts on Indie-a-go-go

And now, a brief message from our sponsors…

“Barrowmaze” is now offering some t-shirts via an Indie-a-go-go campaign:

Some of the shirts have artwork by me on them. I don’t get a kickback — I just think it would be a kick to see some of my own artwork wandering up and down the streets on someone else’s back so BUY SOME SHIRTS AND WEAR THEM PROUDLY. Even though I’m getting a couple shirts as a ‘contributor artist,’ I kicked in a few bucks to buy 3 extra. Also, I don’t know who the artist is (edit: It’s Zhu Bhaje!), but I have my eye on this freaking great looking one:
edit: In addition, I’m liking this one (below). Greg (Professor Barrowmaze) took 2 images I drew for him (a guy prying gems out of a statue’s eyes and a group trying to rescue a comrade from death is a pit) and combined them in one image — I’ll post the original images later. It’s a pretty cool combo since it suits my sense of humor that one due is scrambling for his life while one of his comrades is just, “Ah, well, if he falls to his death we will have to split the cash fewer ways…”

Boing Boing on Dragon Magazine and rpg ephemera

A recent article on Boing Boing in praise of the old Dragon Magazines and similar: Opponents Wanted.

And then here is a picture of some funky frog cultist from Goodman’s DCC RPG:

A portrait of the artist as a sullen looking man

I was asked to provide a recent picture of me AND a recent picture of my studio, or, if possible, a recent picture of me in my studio… and this is the trifecta — me, in my studio and I am drawing. It isn’t flattering or interesting, but is is at least recent:

This is pretty much what I look like when I am drawing — dirty hoodie, dour expression, bad posture and bags under the eyes. The studio isn’t that interesting to look at — books and stuff on shelves, the drawing table at a modest angle so that the bottle of ink does not end up in my lap and ugly wood panelling on my basement wall. The drawing I am working on is actually FOR the article that this photo will be published in. The other drawing is from a recent comission. I ought to put it away before I spill something on it.

DCC – Sea Queen Escapes OUT NOW

I just heard that Goodman Games has just published ‘The Sea Queen Escapes’ adventure for the DCC Roleplaying Game.  The adventure was written by the prolific Michael Curtis and this is the cover by Doug Kovacs:

I love the DCC adventure covers by Kovacs — they remind me of those freaky, pscho-delic fantasy book covers from the 1970s that you still sometimes see at flea markets.

I did the title page for the adventure (see below), which came out pretty well. After you open the cover, this is the first thing you see… but in the book it will have the title, credits, etc., in the white space on the top. That is one big-ass turtle… don’t fuck with the sea turtle…

I’ve had the chance to work on a couple of other really fun commissions recently… unfortunately, I don’t like to show things until the publisher gets to announce them first… so I will just have to be patient in my self promotion.

Voyage of the Stag Party

Ok, this is the first time I contributed artwork to an adventure that is packaged with a record album. I’ve had artwork published on a record album (and a CD) and I’ve had my art published on the cover of an adventure, but ‘Voyage of the Stag Party’ means you buy a record album and get an adventure with it (or maybe you buy an adventure and get a 7 inch record — it’s 1978 all over again!).  And, yes, when they say ‘record album’ they mean a black vinyl thing.

The artist is Sybaris. The record and tour are all about their favorite beer brewed by Three Floyds Brewery. Learn more here. It releases April 5th where there will be music and beer and dicerollin’… I wish I was going… so if you are in Chicagoland, check it out.  Details in link above.

Next, I’d really like my art published on a picture disc.

Dangerous Visions

The toad licker extends his pinky when licking his toad because, well, he is polite.