Sutherland Tribute (W.I.P.)

Work in progress. Had hoped to get this one done before the new year, but now I have to put down the pen and run some errands, so this is probably where I leave it in 2015. A visual tribute to the work of David C. Sutherland III.

sutherland tribute

Dungeon Door (WIP)

door in process

Work in progress for an upcoming publication (2016).


Added a few more artworks to the online shop and marked other stuff down. LINK HERE: If there is something you have had your eye on, snap it up! You can, for instance, get this picture of a goblin wizard putting the whammy on a ‘fighting man’ and his pals for an unheard of low price!

strange bedfellows goblin shaman

Two of Swords

two of swords 72

W.I.P. (merry x mas)

Currently working on a commission that involves flayed people, religious fanatics, fortifications and naive people trying to do the ‘right thing’ while listening to¬† a history podcast about the siege of Muenster in ~1535.

Sometimes every thing just comes together.

Work in progress (not done yet):


Medical Illustration

Taking a break from the surrealist painting jag I have been on to do some illustrations of the developmental stages of photo receptor cells in eyeballs (no, I don’t really know what I am drawing… but they are really tiny and in your eye).

eye structure fig 28a v2 72dpi

Twittering Machine (progress)

Managed to put in a couple hours on this painting:

the twittering machine stage 2

I like how it is coming along. My current strategy is to start with very few colors and work it up, adding more and more, in layers, using glazes and allowing previous layers to ‘peek through’ the brush strokes. For those who are curious, ‘Twittering machine’ is a reference to a Paul Klee painting that I like (see here) and the upper half of the painting was inspired by 10,000 illustrations of medieval conceptions of hell (as well as this photo by Robert Dosnieau).

Twittering Machine and Dog Priest (W.I.P.)

the twittering machine early stages

Work in progress. Currently the title is “Twittering Machine and Dog Priest” but that might change. The head rising/sinking in the LRH corner is a tribute to both Szukalski and his ‘Yetisyn’ as well as Lindsay’s “A Voyage to Arcturus.” The slave who is turning the crank is not allowed to hear the music; his job is to crank, not enjoy.

Avalanche Lords (Goodman, 2015)

avalanche Lords p3 confrontation 72dpi

Just in time for the holidays, Goodman Games is releasing ‘Advent of the Avalanche Lords’ for DCC. You can order it here: RPG NOW or read more here: Avalanche Lords. The above illustration is one I did for the interior. Santa is pissed off at these evil hippies and is thus going to blast them to bits. Written by Tim Callahan and beautiful cover art and interiors/maps by Doug Kovacs.

Temptation of Saint Anthony (WIP 2)

Still working on it…stage 5