Excellent Traveling Volume #7


Some time ago, I did some cover art for James Maliszewski’s ‘Empire of the Petal Throne’ zine, “The Excellent Travelling Volume.” I just found out that the volume with my illustration will come out next. This portrays some poor sap about to get probed to death by a couple of evil creatures (I can’t remember the name of these villains). I was pretty pleased with how this one came out.

Evil priest


We just got back late yesterday and I’m still feeling like I am running on 3 cylinders, so here is a picture I did a while back for Goodman’s DCC Rulebook 4th printing (which, AFAIK, is either being printed or has been printed and is on its way — see the Kickstarter page for more details). This drawing portrays some sort of evil chaos priest with his gooey minions hanging around & in general up to no good.

Stamford, CT.


Stamford, CT. 22nd Oct 2016

Exploring the Ruins



Black Pudding


Been busy getting and then starting a new job (!?!), doing some commissions and also trying to solve some computer issues (hint: if Apple offers to upgrade you to Mac OS Sierra and you use a Wacom tablet, hold off on that upgrade or spend 2 days trouble shooting and then rolling back to the previous OS like I did). OK, I have to go to bed. My new employer needs me there bright and early in the a.m.



You poor bastard.

Sinister Sutures


This one is from Goodman’s “Sinister Sutures of Semptress” by Michael Curtis, out now in time for Halloween!

ice giants


work in progress; as I was drawing this I was thinking of David Trampier’s 1970s era artwork for “Glacial Rift of the Frost Giant Jarl”

Octopus (2)




Work in progress.