The Barbarian King

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Just got my copy of Gabor Lux’s “The Barbarian King” from E.M.D.T. (First Hungarian D20 Society) in the mail… ¬†LINK. ¬†Spoiler alert: stay away from the bear statues!

Down the Ladder


Beyond Fomalhaut: The Barbarian King

Gabor Lux has just announced that “The Barbarian King” is now on sale. AFAIK ships worldwide from his native Hungary. I’ve done a couple of things with Gabor and hope to do a few more… check out his website for more info.

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A legionary discovers that all is not well at the temple of Mitra… the most compelling evidence being that the priest has been infested by some root-thing that wants to eat his brains.

The Stag God (2)

Le Dieu Cerf original 72dpi

More finished version of a work in progress I posted earlier. Created for Le Deiu Cerf.

The Stag God


Work in progress

A private commission currently on my drafting table for a cassette tape label. A welcome departure from what I have been doing lately. Check out “Le Dieu Cerf” on SoundCloud…