2021 ink on paper

recent work

Boschian Road Race

This is an (incomplete) painting for the Hobonomicon I was working on last year. I never finished it (and eventually submitted this painting instead) but I finally got around to scanning this one. Mixed media on watercolor paper.

Line Work

Been away from the blog for a little while but still try to remember to update social media once or twice a week. The above is a recent drawing for an upcoming book by Mattia Giardini called “A Death in Bern,” a murder mystery RPG. The players have just discovered the body of a murder victim in a shadowed alley of the city.

For those who are interested in social media – on instagram I am sbpoag and on facebook I am Stefan Poag. A person who is more clever than I am could create little links that would take you direct to my facebook and instagram accounts so you could subscribe without having to search for me but I think quests and searching are good for you so I am not going to do that.

More New Drawings

Both of these drawings are for a future reprint of the DCC Rulebook from Goodman Games. In both cases, large blacks of text dominate the page – most of the drawing will only be seen if you look at the original art.


version 1
version 2

Here are 2 versions of the same illustration. I finished the first image but had a couple reservations about the image so I took the time to re-do it. The image is from a DCC adventure that includes an encounter where the player characters may find a valuable magical book clutched in the lap of the desiccated skeleton of a sage. I liked the first version but there were some problems with the drawing so I felt the need to take another attempt at it. Sometimes I think a good way to learn is to draw the same thing again.

In drawing #1, I disliked the way I had drawn the legs and torso of the man pointing at the book – they just didn’t look convincing to me. I also decided to add another figure (the guy with the pruning hook) and, upon rereading the manuscript, I decided to change the cover of the magic book to make it more in line with the text.


Baboon Attack

Baboon Attack 2021

DCC Reprints

In the past year, I have been re-doing some of the illustrations for the DCC RPG book – usually with similar subject, sometimes not. Here are all of the drawings completed for this project so far.

Dungeon Panorama 2019

An acrylic painting from 2019.