Another Test (MCC)

mcc bcover image traced.tif

This is another test (it’s a test post to see if my various social media are sharing the way I want them to — I’m technologically impaired)… but its also a new drawing for MCC so enjoy!


ass devil 7.12.18018

From one of my ‘drawing a day’ things.

Dagon frame for Magician’s Skull

dagon intro frame 72dpi

Last year around this time I self published my comic, Dagon, in a zine format for Gencon. Subsequently, it was picked up for an upcoming issue of Tales from the Magician’s Skull (I think it will appear in issue #3). The Magician’s Skull version will feature a few small changes including an additional page and a written introduction which will appear in this aquatic themed border (above).

In other news, I have updated my illustration portfolio with some new work… check it out here.

Color out of Space


The above illustration will be printed in gold foil on the back of a leatherette book cover in a future publication (the large black space in the upper LH area is for text). When working on an illustration for gold foil, the tricky part is remembering to simplify the design just enough so it will print clearly in gold foil (but not too much since I think much of the visual interest in a drawing comes from the twists and turns of line as they describe the subject).

This image was inspired by a drawing by Virgil Finlay illustrating H.P. Lovecraft’s story, “The Color out of Space.” I think Finlay used scratchboard on his original illustration. It’s a great drawing — both in terms of technique and composition. The silhouetted figures in the foreground are particularly nice.

finlay illustration

The Mother of Toads (art time lapse)

As previously mentioned, I’m working on a comic book version of the classic Clark Ashton Smith story, “The Mother of Toads.” Above is a time lapse video of screen captures at short intervals of me working on the spread for pages 14-15 of the short comic… I’m currently using Manga Studio for the drawing. FYI: There is no sound in the video (so don’t worry — your computer is working fine… I just haven’t added sound yet).

I released a comic book version of Lovecraft’s “Dagon” at Gencon last year and people seemed to like it so I decided to release another this year. This year’s release was supposed to be “The People of the Pit” by A. E. Merritt, but that comic got picked up for publication in “Tales from the Magician’s Skull” so I had to come out with a replacement comic for release this year — that is why I am cranking furiously on this one, trying to get it finished and printed before Gencon. My plan is to continue to do various horror comics based on lesser known tales from classic horror/weird fiction authors until I have enough to publish an anthology.

I’m hoping to make more tutorials and ‘work in process’ videos in the coming year, perhaps using a platform like Patreon to help defray costs. If you have had experiences (both positive and negative) with Patreon as a creator or as a patron, please let me know in comments.