cover illustration 72dpi

My Comic, “The Yellow Sign,” based on a story by Robert Chambers, is now for sale on the Alephnull website. While you are there, you can pick up a hobonomicon, too!

You may have heard references to Carcosa and “The Yellow King” in TV shows like “True Detective.” Chambers was the originator of these horror themes in his highly original book of short stories, “The Yellow King,” published in 1895.

16 pages plus cover, digest sized, signed by the artist (me!).

Critical Hit

critical 72dpi

Recent illustration for an as-of-yet to be announced project (hopefully in early 2020?). This is a revisitation of Sutherland’s “Paladin in Hell” illustration from the 1970s. Instead of armor, she’s wearing some kind of onesie and a hood – so maybe she isn’t a paladin but some kind of sneaky Grey Mouser type.