Picture Frame


Work in Progress


Not the best photo of it, but here is a work in progress photo of another margin illustration I am doing — this one on a post apocalyptic “mutants and mahem” theme.

This is the underpainting — done mostly in color ink on watercolor paper. Later I will work over it in acrylics and acrylic glazes.



I have a bunch of stuff that I can’t show yet, so instead will show this drawing I did a while back for a Goodman project called ‘Through the Dragonwall.’

Hope everyone is having a great holiday. I’m as sick as a dog and trapped in work hell (non-art related work) so I guess I’m paying for some sins I must have committed sometime or another.

Work in Progress


These days I get asked to do a lot of these ‘page border’ things… which is great because I love doing them. I suspect in some other life I was one of those medieval monks drawing monkeys and unicorns in the margins of breviarys and bibles.

Epsilon City


Here is another drawing I did a short while ago for Goodman Games – this is for “Epsilon City” for the Metamorphosis Alpha line of products. Text is supposed to go into the ceiling area in the upper LH part of the picture.

Work in Progress (Trampier tribute)


Here are some shots of a work in progress — a color border commission that I decided to make into a tribute to one of my favorite RPG illustrators, Dave Trampier (now, sadly, no longer among the living, but he did fantastic illustration work and comics for TSR back in the 1970s and 1980s before he (AFAIK) gave up his art career mysteriously vanished). See Trampier’s original here.

I’m trying to ‘work the image up’ by starting with a series of translucent colors (using PH Martin inks for this part, will probably add some acrylic glazes over the top).