Cage Fight (2)

HM sketch 3 point 5 72

After futzing around with this for much too long, I finally said “Hell with it” and declared it done. This is for a contest sponsored by Heavy Metal and a T-Shirt company:

If you want to enter, you have until May 4th, but reading over the contest rules and fine print, I’m not sure its a good deal for artists… from the contest rules: “For all Designs submitted for use by, you acknowledge that the Design is considered a work-for-hire as defined under the United States Copyright Act of 1976 and will become the sole property of Metal Media Ventures, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates…” I wouldn’t bitch about this if this applied just to the designs that actually won, but if I am reading this right, it means that all designs submitted are owned by… which seems like a really bad deal since it means they can take your design, say, “Sorry, you didn’t win,” and then make money selling it to other people, license it however they want, etc.

I feel like a stupid jerk for having entered anyway… but I really wanted to win the complete set of Lords of Light prints by Jack Kirby that are a part of the grand prize. However, my entry won’t win because a) you can only see a part of one tit, b) the tit appears to be of merely average human size, and, c) the woman is wearing a shirt.


Tick Season

tick season 72

In the past couple days, Annie has plucked several ticks off the dogs after they came in from outside… and the other day, I found one of the little buggers crawling on me… Annie reminded me… “It’s been a mild winter… so we will probably see a lot of ticks this year.” I’m not grossed out by much other than ticks. Hate those things.

Excellent Traveling Volume 5 out now

James M has The Excellent Traveling Volume #5 now available for sale for all the Tekumel/M.A.R. Barker fans out there. I have 2 or 3 illustrations in there along with some of the masters of OSR art.


I think the cover is by Zhu Bhajiee… internet, please correct me if I am wrong.

cage match (W.I.P.)

cage match

More digital illustration bullshit.

Let’s smoke some drugs and paint pictures


I guess I am hereby officially available to paint that cover for the prog-rock album you have been working on in your spare time.

Metal (W.I.P)

HM sketch 2

Is this the sort of thing kids might be into these days? I’m trying to appeal to a younger demographic. Work in progress. Not sure who drives a big war skull around or why but I’m given to understand that ambiguity is hip these days.

Work in Progress (spelunker)


Part of a bigger drawing currently in process for Goodman. This dude from a post apocalyptic future has seen something AMAZING (and kinda scary) as he goes shimmying down a rope into the darkness below. Stay tuned to find out what the wastelander saw!


madhouse meet v3 final 72dpi

Another recent one for Goodman Games; look for it at your local game and comic book store on Free RPG day on June 18, 2016. The subject is Fritz Lieber’s “City of Lankhmar.”  The space in the upper LH corner is for text/title.


The B-Siders (V2)

the B Siders v2

The B-Sides (Work in Progress)

Marcus and Co

Decades ago, when popular music was still sold on little pressed discs of hot plastic that were ‘played’ by being spun on a spindle and ground with a needle, enterprising music impresarios would put the song that the public WANTED to buy on one side of a 45 rpm and then a song by an unknown performer or group on the other, hoping that members of the public would flip the disc over and listen to the other side and like it and increase the value and cultural cachet of that unknown musical group. The ‘back’ of the record was known as the B-Side.

The esteemed Doug Kovacs has been amusing people with his drawings of ‘The Band’ and ‘the other band’ that appear as persistent characters in his Goodman Games illustrations… Hugh the Barbarian, Shawna, etc. This is an in-progress attempt at creating a ‘band’ of my own that I was working on a while back (several of the characters are boosted from other drawings I have done for Goodman) but I don’t think they are 100% ‘there’ yet. Because they are unknowns, I’m calling them the ‘B-Siders.’