Lost Pet

I seem to have fallen completely out of the blogging thing and social media. Sorry, world. (edit)gretel last picture web

Gretel, right after having been euthanized. I held her head in my hands as she died. R.I.P., dear friend. We will miss you.

One of our dogs had to be put down last week. Gretel was about 12 and half years old — she had a sudden and aggressive tumor growing in her jaw on the right side of her face. She was a chow/lab mix from the local rescue shelter and had one of the sweetest dispositions of any animal I have ever known — although this dog was a plague upon the local squirrel and groundhog populations. She just liked killing things.

I kind of doubt I’m going to continue blogging here (or anywhere else). I just don’t have the feeling that anything that I have to say is worth sharing.

(later edit: I’m told this post is unusually cryptic and despondent sounding. I’m not intending to inspire a pity party — I just feel like I might be done with blogging. I used to be interested in what other people were writing and looked forward to what I would be writing/thinking/posting next… and at some point that enthusiasm evaporated. Part of it was, well, the general douche-y-ness of so many members of ye olde internet. But I also just wasn’t interested in hearing my own voice within the echo chamber anymore.  Maybe I’ll blog again, but probably not about OSR gaming).