13 fingers 72 v2 manga

DCC RPG 4th Printing out (PDF)

have you found the hidden message 72

I just got notice that the new 4th printing of the DCC RPG rule book is out on RPGNOW as an electronic edition – the print version will be out later this year. Lots of new art in the book by me, Doug Kovacs plus work by Peter Mullen, Brad McDevit, Erol Otus, Jim Holloway, Friedrich Haas, Russ Nicholson, William McAusland, etc. I’m honored to have my work in such great company.

The 4th printing is 100% backwards compatible with 3rd printing, etc., and differs only in MORE new artwork, some tables and reference materials at the back, a new adventure by Harley Stroh, etc.

abbot of the woods 72dpi

Shub-Niggurath v2

Shub BW 72dpi

ink on paper; WIP.

Work in Progress

undulating corruption f 72

Have been working with a drawing software called ‘Manga Studio 5. Here is a work in progress for Goodman Games.

Shub-Niggurath v2 Work in Progress

Traditional media this time… pen and ink… trying to keep my skills from getting rusty. Don’t know what I will do with the sky, yet, and the body of ‘Shub’ is calling out for more gorpy veins and pustules and shit, but I think the legs are much improved from the last version.

Untitledshub wip bw 72

Shub-Niggurath (work in progress)

shub v1 WIP

Still feel like I am trying to get the feeling for this digital painting thing. Those people on you-tube make it look so easy.

more painting w.i.p.

fight 2 wip

Dude in purple speedo fighting a big green monster. This is a second attempt at this picture, trying to learn how to use Corel Painter. Not perfect, yet, but getting better. Below is an earlier version:

fight 1 wip2

Sky Pirates of the Purple Planet

final  72dpi sky pirates v1

Green Monster (WIP)

fight 1 wip 72dpi

I’ve been working on learning some new technology… right now, my explorations are with Corel Painter.

Attack of the Beak-men (WIP – Color)

beakmen cmyk photoshop 72dpi