Work in Progress – technology


This is the snapshot of what is currently on my work table — an image for a future release. At this point my hand is cramping up pretty bad — might be time to put down the pen and do some dishes if only to give my paw a rest.

I’m trying sort of a new approach to futuristic settings here — kind of a combination of industrial tubes and pipes and hoses with the aesthetics of a gothic cathedral or big trees in a forest… so far I’m quite pleased and think I need to pursue this further.

edit: please excuse crappy photo. Taken with my phone pointed down at the desk.

“Dagon” out of stock

Dagon p10a

Many thanks to everyone who bought a copy of “Dagon” (either via mail or at Gencon).

I’m suspending sales until I can get more copies printed. The reprint will cost more — I think I priced it too low (after printing and postage, unless I am selling literally thousands of copies I don’t make enough back to pay myself more than a few cents an hour) but I learned a lot from this one and am looking forward to creating another book in the future. Various classic tales of horror are under consideration.

I’ll also be collaborating with some other artists on a comic book in the future — more about that when I have more to tell.

Above is an image from Dagon that didn’t make the final cut. Originally, I had Dagon sporting an erect penis when he (it?) embraced the monument but then I decided that although it was disturbing, it was kind of contrary to the spirit of Lovecraft’s story, and, as far as I know, fish don’t have penises. The version in the book does not have sex organs.


fake eclipse

This is a drawing I did of an eclipse a couple of years ago. I was driving across Ohio at the time of the 2017 eclipse and it just got a little dark for a little while — I guess I was in a less optimal spot for eclipse viewing. I heard some people further south had great views.

DAGON comic

DAGON comic200

Currently out of stock — will reprint in the future (unfortunately, will have to sell at a higher price — I lost my shirt on this one by pricing it too low).


IMG_0049¬†About a year ago I did a 20 page comic based on the Lovecraft story, “Dagon” but never managed to place it in any publication. This year I’m bringing a box of original art for sale to GenCon (in Indianapolis Aug 17-20), so I made a few improvements to the comic, added a cover and I printed up about 100 digest-sized copies of the book which will be for sale at the Goodman Games booth in the vendor hall. Currently they need folding and stapling… I need to get that done along with a few more commission works before I can go to Indianapolis. No rest for the wicked.

I wanted to offer something a little less expensive other than the original drawings that will also be for sale there (original art is probably out of a lot of people’s budget (including my own — no one is as cash poor as an artist — most of the original artworks I own have been gifts or exchanges from other artists)). I’m still figuring out the cost — but if it works and people like it, I’ll try to get together with a better printer for future editions and up my game a little as a ‘zine’ style comics publisher. The book is 20 pages, digest sized, black and white art.

‘Dagon’ is a story that Lovecraft wrote in 1916 and first published in 1919. I felt it necessary to make a few small changes in order to make it work as a story in visual rather than prose form… Lovecraft purists should consider themselves forewarned!

Operation Unfathomable!

Operation Unfathomable 72dpi

Above we have a 2 page spread from “Operation Unfathomable” by Jason Sholtis and Hydra Collective. Jason just sent out a ‘backers only’ preview — those of you who backed the Kickstarter are probably nodding and chuckling to yourselves as you look over the PDF of first few chapters. The book looks great — can’t wait to hold it in my hands.

Above we see a group of luckless adventurers getting whacked by worm soldiers while the stone monuments of the beetle civilization bear silent witness.

Last night we flew in from Ireland — one of the best trips I have had in years. Now it is time to press my nose to the grindstone and finish up a backlog of projects before I depart for Gencon 2017. Hope to see you there! I will be at the Goodman Booth from 1-2pm on Saturday and Sunday for artist signings as well as various other times.