Slave, Soldier and King

Chance Phillips is kickstarting a reprint of “Kull of Atlantis” by Robert E. Howard with interior illustrations by me and a color cover by Marcio Moraga.

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kull illustration

The above is the first illustration completed. It illustrates this sentence from “The Shadow Kingdom:”

Behind those proud and terrible ranks came the motley files of the mercenaries, fierce, wild-looking warriors, men of Mu and of Kaa-u and of the hills of the east and the isles of the west.


MCC Shipping-Cartons

A couple of days ago, Goodman Games gave MCC backers an update on the MCC books (including the special leather and gold foil editions). Above is a photo of the box art I did for the shipping carton… original art looks like this:

MCC Box art with text BW v3

Proofs of the Leather and Gold Foil editions have also arrived from the printer (although I haven’t seen them yet). the “foil” covers are alternatives to the beautiful Doug Kovacs cover — AFAIK the contents of all three editions is the same. Doing art for gold foil printing can be a little of a challenge — you have to distill the image down to bolder shapes and fewer elements to accommodate the printing process. Here is the proof of the gold (err, I mean green) foil edition and the art for the back page:


MCC backpage layout v1 600dpi

And here is a picture of the proof of the leather edition with original back cover art:



MCC backpage v2

The photos don’t really do the covers justice — since the printing is done in shiny foil, getting a good photo is nearly impossible. All this artwork was done a while ago, but the MCC books have been in editing and printing limbo for months… it’s great to finally be able to show them. Visit Goodman Games site (linked above) for updates on when the MCC books will be in your hands.



Part of a larger whole of a recent image. Hope to see this in print in the next six months or less. Something about this face reminds me of the Elmer’s glue mascot.


Or maybe not.