Update: Exquisite Corpses

I’ve managed a little more work on Exquisite Corpses, but other things (the start of school, financial and family responsibilities, etc.,) have to come first, so it is still a work in process.
I think I will make it vaguely ‘systems neutral’ with a veiled reference to Original D&D or 1st edition (circa 1979 or so) D&D simply because that is what I grew up with and that is what I prefer.
There are currently all sorts of ‘simulacrum’ games in circulation, but I don’t want to deal with getting all the lingo right or ‘ducks in a row’ as far as byzantine licensing agreements go, so I will just use references to ‘armor’ or ‘defense’ instead of armor class, etc., similar to many of the Judges Guild “Univeral System” items from back in the day.

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