Exquisite Corpses update! (2/22/2010)

I know it’s taking a painfully long time, but I hope to have ‘Exquisite Corpses’ up and offered on Lulu shortly. Since it’s more than just a document (it’s a book with swappable monster parts divided between feet, bodies and heads where the user can combine different bits to create new creatures), a pure PDF option does not seem practical. As it is, I think I’m going to have to go with a comb or spiral binding just to keep tghe pages from falling out.

Here are some previous entries on the project:





And a sample from the work in process:

In the illo above, on the left is one of the ‘basic’ creatures (a lizard man). On the right, we see the lizard man head on a fungus body with a snake tail instead of legs… which is one of the thousands of critters one could concievably create out of the 26 ‘basic’ creatures which can be combined just flipping the pages. The book also contains (more or less) system-neutral game mechanics that will help drag and drop such creatures into your game.

Guesstimated pagecount is ~80 to 100. I’ve still got a lot of art to do for it, as well as some ‘appendix’ sections that will allow users to add special qualities to their critters…


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  1. Timeshadows says:

    That certainly is innovative. 😀
    –Very cool, Blair.

  2. Chris Creel says:

    Very creative too say the least. Do you have an estimate of what the price might be, cause my Lulu shopping list just got longer.

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