New art for ‘Exquisite Corpses’ plus Progress Report

We have what I hope is a series of treats for any readers who wander in — two illos and a progress report for ‘Exquisite Corpses.’ If you haven’t been following, Exquisite Corpses is a ‘monster generating work book’ of what I beleive to be an unusual and inventive nature that I am making for Old School Rennaisance games. For more details, check all posts in this blog under the ‘Exquisite Corpses’ label. The first two the illos for the ‘Exquisite Corpses’ is snake lady putting the smack down on Joe Adventurer. She is trying to decide if she would rather cut his head off or blow his brains out with he laser pistol:

The second picture is my current favorite. Wonder Warthog mutant is using his psionic powers to rip Joe Adventurer’s brain right out of his head. Bonus points if you know where the mutant in this pic was lifted from. Double bonus points if you know who wonder warthog is without Wikipedia:

Over the past few days I have tightended up the text a lot and added a section with alternative psionics rules for OSR games that are a potential option for players who want to add special abilities to their mutants and monstrosities and don’t have a psionics system in their game of choice.

At this point all that is left is to add two or three sample monsters, then give the text the once over and send it out to be proofed… after I proof it and if I think it’s ready, I’ll make it availible!

2 Comments on “New art for ‘Exquisite Corpses’ plus Progress Report”

  1. limpey says:

    Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
    Yeah, I always liked that Trampier drawing from the original Gamma World; it always gave me a chuckle even though that poor mutant looked so 'hopeless.'

  2. Blair says:

    Now we know what happened after that “Barsoon picture!” Snake lady geared up and went adventurer hunting!

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