Try to do something creative every day

I’ve felt mentally and emotionally starved for the better part of the past several years. First the stress of losing my job, then getting a new job and all of the financial ups and down associated have really taken their toll. One of my goals, to help combat the malaise that all of these ups and downs bring, is to try to do something creative every day… whether that’s working on a painting (see in progress above) or doing some sketches or even just looking at other work that interests me.

The above is an ‘in progress’ shot of the final cover for Exquisite Corpses. I have some reservations about this artwork and may try a different version. The image is the entire cover (front and back) with the left half appearing on the back cover and the right half appearing on the front. It portrays 2 ‘pulp style’ warriors (male and female) in a tunnel fighting a blue snaky thing with a human head (the snake-guy is coiled around the woman) and a slug-bat eyeball monster fighting the man. On the back cover, two more of the slug-bats flap up to get in on the action.

5 Comments on “Try to do something creative every day”

  1. G. Benedicto says:

    I think the cover is coming along great, Limpey! Very eager to see/devour the finished product.

  2. NetherWerks says:

    This is too cool! I've been putting together a few sketches to do an 'Exquisite Corpse' thing for Riskail, and here you've beaten me to it. Cool. I really like the stuff you've shown for examples and I am eager to get a copy once it is available. Another Surrealist in the OSR who quotes Andre Breton. I am so very happy!

  3. Booberry says:

    Very inspirational blog. The importance of creative exercise cannot be overstated. The artistic organ, like any muscle, atrophies through disuse. I eagerly await the finished product, and any that may follow it.

  4. I'm loving the art thus far and I'll surely pick this up!

  5. limpey says:

    Thanks! It's great to hear that you are liking what you see!
    I have some layout related misgivings about the cover you see above and may try a different version when I get this one a little further along… right now I need all the practice I can get. My artistic muscles have not gotten enough flexing in the past few years.

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