Attack of the slugbats and snake-man

OK; here is where I call this one ‘finished.’ I could keep working on it ad infinatum, but I think I made some mistakes early on (particularly in layout/positioning of the figures but also in rushing through the initial sketch — the figures look particularly wooden and stiff) so I’m going to move forward and see what lessons I can draw from this while forging ahead.
I definitely need to work on my patience and try to find more ‘source material’ to use for the positions of hands, muscles, etc. Both of these figures look like scare-crows or robots and the slugbats look like flying green bananas. I think the blue snake-man looks wierd the way he is wrapped around the pillar (it does not look 3d to me) and I wish I had made his body skinnier.
I like the cave but need to work on making the rocks appear more textural. I also think the cave should be much darker and rougher-looking.
I look forward to trying this again!

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  1. Blair says:

    I thinks its awesome, and the stiff, unnatural poses and strange proportions/perspectives aid in evoking a lurid, unnatural vibe!

    I'd compare it to how the appalling recording quality of some hardcore punk rock and grindcore/black metal actually makes the music fiercer and scathing.

    ALso, I think it would make for a great panel detail for a landscape-format DM's screen!

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