Crazy people with guns

I read today that in 2010 in Pima County, Arizona, about 45% of the mental health patients were forced out of public treatment programs because the tax payer didn’t want to pay for those services. I wonder if any of the voters who voted down public financing of mental health services last year will make the connection that having their state representatives and judges and children shot dead in a grocery store and not having sufficient mental health services might be in any way related.
Go figure.

3 Comments on “Crazy people with guns”

  1. limpey says:

    Jim, that sounds like a very frustrating situation. Trying to educate children in groups of 60 is not education, it's sheepfarm style daycare.

  2. Badmike says:

    California Gov Jerry Brown is now saying to balance the budget he'll have to look at cutting (wait for it) education and health services….seems to be the “go to” way to balance the budget nowadays.

  3. JJ says:

    Bad Mike, you are spot on. I live in NYS, where the mental hospitals were forced to shut down in the 80's. Guess what happens to those crazies (and not the RIFTS, good kind of crazies)? They go out on the street, are homeless, attack people, kill themselves, etc. Some of the people just wander around abandoned mental hospitals. Whatever your political beliefs, shit's not good.

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