D&D with Pornstars question & answers

I was reading the responses to a question by Zak, the author of “playing D&D with porn stars.” He asked for straight females and gay or bi males to respond with answers to the question, “From your viewpoint, what constitutes a sexually attractive male?” (I’ve probably mangled the question, but that is the gist of it).

I find the answers to such questions interesting, even though, as a hetero male, my opinions were not wanted for the poll. If nothing else, it’s a way of at least trying to get inside someone else’s skull for a moment and try to see the world through their eyes.
In the many responses to Zak’s question, everyone was responding with adjectives like, “muscular, fit, trim” and examples like “Nathan Fillion” or “Aragorn.” No one was saying, “pudgy white dudes are so sexy.” That kind of hurt.

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  1. Chris Creel says:

    lol, power to the pudgy white dudes!

  2. Matt says:

    Of course they didn't say it – It goes without saying. We're gorgeous!

  3. trollsmyth says:

    Um, actually, I believe one of the posters mentions “bears.” Not quite the same thing, but pretty darn close.

    And, in spite of what the media tells you, the range of desirable attributes is at least as wide among women as it is among men. If guys can lust after “cougars,” “MILFs,” and “BBWs” I'm sure there are women who swing the same way. đŸ˜‰

  4. All I know is for the last four years I must have developed some kind of superpower that has recently faded. I am largely broke, 5' 7″ and roughly 160-175 pounds. Between the ages of 37 and 41 I have dated nothing but really, really cute 20somethings.

    If I knew what I was doing right I would bottle it and sell it to my geek brothers everywhere. lol

  5. Susan C says:

    Hi thanks for poosting this

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