"Which Way?"

Another illustration, this one of an adventuring party lost in a maze, for “Game Developer Magazine.”

I offered the publisher 2 versions (the second being a tighter crop of this version) and they went with the tighter image, but, since I had all that extra real-estate in the image I figured I would show it off.

(correction: I took another look and this is indeed the version they used. They gave it a 1/2 page+ so you can easily see details like ‘Ye Olde Map’ on the scroll that the magic user is holding.)

5 Comments on “"Which Way?"”

  1. wachinayn says:

    What is the article that features this pictire about? I'm curious.

  2. baronzemo says:

    always look forward to seeing your work.

  3. Ragnardbard says:

    This is why dungeons need drains, grills, maintenance tunnels etc… Love the sense this illustration gives of the dungeon as an 'entity' in and of itself, inasmuch as a sinister locale can be. That pic encapsulates why I still love dungeons. 🙂

  4. Fitz says:

    That's a great little illustration — if it were up to me, I'd use the full image rather than cropping it down at all. It seems to me that, for the purposes of the image narration, the environment is at least as important as the figures, and should thus be emphasized.

  5. migellito says:

    Awesome as always! Thanks for the unabridged version and congrats on the sale 🙂

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