Bass Ackwards Dungeon Design

Here is the normal order of things (at least as I know it):

1) author conceives of adventure/setting/etc.

2) adventure/setting is written.

3) physical product (images, editing, etc.,) is produced to sell or distribute.

So, basically, art usually comes last in the process.

I have a bunch of drawings and other images that have been kicking around for a while with no particular purpose. My plan is to create a map and an adventure/setting using these pictures, then (maybe) produce illustrations to fill in the gaps.
First image is at right. That’s the basis of the adventure.
Next up I need to conceptualize what the adventure / setting is, etc. That it will take place in that pink city/castle is pretty much a given… but who lives in/built the city and why would any adventurer want to go there? And what happens when they do?
I have no idea how long this will take or what I am going to end up with; just spitballing right now.

3 Comments on “Bass Ackwards Dungeon Design”

  1. JDJarvis says:

    Clearly the wizardly dude in the front has helped the party “discover” the place. He's just coincidentally wearing a robe the same color as the place.
    I can picture his wicked tongue speaking these very words : “oh look a my…errr…A lavender palace of doom, I wonder what could be inside?”

  2. Malcadon says:

    I also like to incorporate images I find in books/the net into my games, but I “incorporate” a lot of things (scenes, characters, art, plot, items, and so on), as I can be a bit lazy at times – usually when I need a scenario finished, or I really like an idea.

    There is nothing wrong with “inspired” scenarios, as they can sometimes inspire something completely unique and original in the process. After all, Dark Sun was based on the works of Brom.

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