Tears for Hackmaster

I was just packing up a bunch of books that I have sold, including a big pile of Hackmaster 4e books (including all of the Hacklopedias, the crazy DM screen with umpteen-hundred charts, etc.). Getting rid of the Hackmaster 4e books makes me really sad, even though I have never really played Hackmaster (other than sitting in on a couple of games).
Hopefully they are going to a good home.

2 Comments on “Tears for Hackmaster”

  1. My older sister was a regular in a Hackmaster campaign while she was living in Florida, several years ago. She would regal me with stories. It sounded like a bit of a larf, I never got into it myself.

  2. Stefan, I got the Hack Master Basic. Looks like I'm finally starting to assemble a gaming group (other than my son and his friends) so I'll definitely play it once we get rolling.

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