On my own Initiative

I don’t currently run a game and with each passing month it seems become less and less likely that I ever will… but I find myself very interested in and drawn to some of the games I see documented around the web… like adventures taking place under the Rotted Moon… or the Adventures in the Pnakotic Ruins… or Fomalhaut… or Terry’s Dunrawl Campaign… or others. And theres lots more. So to distract myself I like to spin out a little sometimes and wonder what it might be like if I did run another game and had all my druthers.

I’d probably use one of my old maps like the one at right (which was originally drawn on graph paper circa 1982 or so). I’d add some of my usual deities (which include a few I made up, some more from classic mythology, the usual Lovecraft and other pulp suspects and the gods from Subgenius). For rules I’d probably go with something like houseruled AD&D or Labyrinth Lord but also allow players a fairly wide latitude in character creation.

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  1. I had years where I didn't game, but still got great pleasure from using the books and writing up campaigns.

    When I moved to the country several years ago I thought that was it, I'd never game again. But I met the neighbours, we got on like a house on fire and I introduced them to D&D. We've been playing now for five years. The point being you never know what opportunities the future will bring Stefan.

    In the meantime dreaming is fun.

  2. Aos says:

    You might consider doing something over Skype, if you have gamer friends that are far away. I've been running a game that way for about 6 months. We have a good time. It's not perfect, but most of our problems stem from the fact that one of our guys isn't the least bit computer savvy (he needs help using google).

  3. Geoffrey says:

    Did you write the names on that map by hand?

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