Pages from the Yaqqothl Grimoire

Nicolo (of The Yaqqothl Grimoire) is putting out a fanzine for Old School Games and I will be doing some illos! Tentative title is “Pages from the Yaqqothl Grimoire.” Look for it in April/May.

From his message to me describing the blasphemous book:

The zine will include:
– three new classes (barbarian, goblin and ghoul) and a revised thief
– rules for laser weapons in A/OD&D
– some new spells
– and a complete, tiny, lovecraftian sandbox, featuring Tower of the Re-Animator (a full adventure), a really weird jungle and an Innsmouth like village (complete flashed out)

I’m not certain how to pronounce “Yaqqothl,” so I am going with “Yah-kaw-thil” till I find out otherwise.

(I did not draw this cool illo; it’s from Nicolo’s blog header and I really like it. Look at that spooky evil fat bastard!)

3 Comments on “Pages from the Yaqqothl Grimoire”

  1. Il Male™ says:

    Good point, I have no idea of how Yaqqothl has to be pronounced myself, so I will not tell you how I pronounce it. Instead, you tell me!

  2. Sounds interesting. I shall keep my eye out for it.

  3. limpey says:

    Sadly, I think the author has gotten busy with real life issues and the Grimoire is (I think) indefinitely delayed.

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