A to Z: D is for Demons

Today, D is for Demons. One of the delights of monsters like demons (and devils) is that they can seemingly be so diverse in appearance without raising any eyebrows (if they have eyebrows). Check out the third figure from the left in the picture at right: he has a bird face growing out of his ass! How does that work for him? I don’t know. But it would make sneaking up behind him somewhat difficult. A few years ago I was thinking about the demons and devils I might use for Aldeboran and I considered making them all unique. Perhaps forms, features and special abilities could be randomly generated. I didn’t pursue it any further, but that idea is still on the work bench.

One Comment on “A to Z: D is for Demons”

  1. ChicagoWiz says:

    He's clearly eyeing whatever is in the stomach of the droopy-breasted she-hag. Where did this awesome pic come from?

    (Word verify – wormam – the name of the she-hag demon type.)

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