LotFP to release Exquisite Corpses!

Finally it can be revealed! Raggi made the announcement on the LotFP blog this morning… we are working together to bring out a new edition of the Exquisite Corpses book for your flip-booking monster making pleasure. Visit LotFP for more details.

It will be new-and-improved, but this does not make existing Exquisite Corpses books obsolete… it will have new art (color monsters!), a better binding from a professional printer in Finland (as opposed to Lulu) and new content still under discussion/creation. We are also discussing ways to incorporate the previous edition’s content into the new edition.

Subject to change and the whims of fate, the new edition will feature:

  • Color monster art for the ‘flip pages’
  • New cover art
  • Some new ‘base’ monsters for the flip pages (some will remain the same, some will change)
  • More ‘base’ monsters (going from 26 ‘base’ creatures to 32!)
  • Elimination of the handful of errors in the previous edition (while probably introducing a whole lot more new errors)
  • Better printing and professional binding!
  • New and improved higher price!
  • New interior art (hopefully — if everything else gets worked out and subject to time)

I don’t know if James has announced yet when the book will be available… so stay tuned.

5 Comments on “LotFP to release Exquisite Corpses!”

  1. Aos says:

    As I said over there, congratulations.
    I hope you make millions of dollars and blow it all into elephant hunts, gold plated hot tubs and caviar picnics.

  2. Awesome! I hope you are able to live beyond the dreams of avarice!

  3. Hell yes.

  4. ClawCarver says:

    I just ordered the “Aldeboran Books” edition, which arrived yesterday (and is clever and hilarious and inspiring), and now you expect me to buy it all over again?

    Well, OK then.

  5. Chris Creel says:

    Ah, today is payday and about time I got the first edition of Exquisite Corpse from Lulu. (when the mail arrives; “Yes Dear, I bought more rpg books…”)

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