A to Z: H is for Hook Horror

H is our letter for the day and today I will talk about “The Hook Horror” from the 1981 Fiend Folio. Fiend Folio is one of those books that I didn’t like when it came out because all of the critters in it seemed so weird and useless and lacking in logic… and then I grew up and stopped taking it all so seriously… or something like that. The hook horror lives in caves, is 9 feet tall, moves at 90 feet per turn, has an AC of 3 (which is pretty good) and has 2 attacks per turn that inflict 1-8 damage each. Weighing in at 5 hit dice, it is a little tougher than ogres (4+1 hit dice) and a little weaker than giants (8+ hit dice or more, unless you are talking about those pathetic Verbeeg). It bothers me that the hook horror is not described as being able to peck or bite with that massive beak (in the picture, his beak is bigger than his hooks). I’m thinking that would be something I would change with a house rule. The hook horror is nearly blind but has excellent hearing (therefore turning invisible won’t help you — HAH— but your magic user might find a use for that audible glamer spell). They communicate by clicking their exoskeletons. This makes them sound like they are insects, but in the drawing they look like a double-hand-amputee in an evil chicken suit. I actually like the drawing so I wouldn’t change that… even the lumpy sweater-vest and panties that the hook horror is wearing. Guard the rear! Your henchman has just been trepanned by a hook horror!

4 Comments on “A to Z: H is for Hook Horror”

  1. limpey says:

    Jeff: Yes. He does not eat pork twice as much as someone wearing just a fez ot just a hoshen (thanks for the name of that).

  2. Carter Soles says:

    I have always loved the HH, one of the best FF monsters.

  3. limpey says:

    ADD Grognard: Yeah… when it came out, I think I didn't like it because a guy who kind of bugged me was always telling me how great it was. That's a stupid reason not to like a book, but I was a stupid teenager. It probably didn't help that the reviewer in The Dragon said it was a terrible book. Plus I think that many of the monsters in it just seemed 'silly' to me at the time… but now I realize I was just beeing a teenage putz at the time… it is a fun, gonzo book full of great pictures!

  4. Aplus says:

    Imagine being 9' tall and living in a cave. Now throw in the fact that you don't have opposable thumbs. Yeah, I'd be pissed too.

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