A to Z Blogging Challenge: Why am I one letter off?

Every day I log into my blogger account and see the posts from the blogs that I have subscribed to. Like too many of my fellow bloggists, I have gotten sucked into the A to Z blogging challenge deal. Unfortunately, every day I look at the headlines and everyone else seems to be on the letter I did the day before… either they are too fast or I am too slow… I don’t know. Should I skip a day? Awww, fuck it. I’ll just claim that I am ‘ahead of the curve.’ I’m actually cheating at the A to Z blogging challenge. Right now I have finished my post for ‘the letter P’ and placed it in the queue where the Blogger software will plop it online on the proper day, making it look like I just wrote the thing. Don’t tell anyone. Some fellow bloggers have been grousing about the tedium of the blogging challenge… and I am starting to feel that. There have been more than a few entries that I ‘phoned in’ (like today’s “I is for initiative”). But it’s a kind of fun challenge so I think I’ll stick it out… and there may end up being a few gems in there.

5 Comments on “A to Z Blogging Challenge: Why am I one letter off?”

  1. limpey says:

    Clearly I am an idiot. Oh well.

  2. It's okay–I'm an idiot, too. I didn't realize that Sunday was a skip day. So, like you, I'm a letter ahead.

    And I'm impressed you've written up to P. I'm queued up to N. And I'm not going to change the post dates to comply with the skip date thing.

  3. Talysman says:

    Yeah, I was going to ask “what timezone are you in?”

    I have two more posts to write this month (R and Y;) everything else is scheduled. R requires a bit of thought, and Y… well, I'm hoping I come up with a better subject than the one I picked.

  4. Carter Soles says:

    I'm about a week ahead — posts through “N” are done, and a couple of the later ones (like “R”) are already done too. But yes, it's a lot of work! But more fun than tedious, IMO.

  5. I'm up to M, scheduled posts. And I too am finding it a struggle to come up with interesting stuff; especially trying to think of things that aren't the obvious. Keeps my mind active if nothing else.

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